Choosing the Perfect Lunch Box

It is essential to select a perfect lunchbox for yourself and your dear ones. After getting up in the morning, our first meal is our breakfast. Different people have had different routines. Some people prefer to have a complete nutritious breakfast. But some people have a routine in which their breakfast is missing, and they direct have their lunch at noon.

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All children, adults and aged people should have proper healthy meals in the morning, at noon and night. People should select healthily the food they are supposed to eat. A perfect lunchbox contains all the dietary components. All the essential nutrients that are required for the body to grow well. The following are essential foods that a lunchbox should contain.


Proteins are essential in the growth of our body. All the necessary functions for the maintenance of the body are performed with the aid of proteins. So the foods that contain proteins are highly essential for a healthy body and should be added in the diet. Proteins containing foods are eggs, cereals, meat. Hence, one of the above things should be present in the lunchbox. A meat piece or one egg at lunchtime is an excellent option and provides the right amount of energy.


Carbohydrates are the quickest source of energy. They provide us energy instantly. Carbohydrates breakdown into energy molecules called ATPs. These starchy foods cannot be denied in a healthy diet. To add carbohydrate, a slice of bread or a chappati is good, healthy.

Adding fruits: 

Fruits are a rich source of vitamins. Fruits are the essential item in the lunchbox. They make the person feel fresh and light and, at the same time, provide energy. The keep the fruits fresh should be tossed in a juice, and it would also prevent them from getting dark. Another option is to put some dry fruits like almonds, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, these are also very beneficial and are the source of energy.

Fresh vegetables:

Putting fresh vegetables at lunch is one of the best options. It regulates your metabolism and adds all necessary dietary fibers in our diet. A tasty salad can be made by mixing fresh sliced carrots, radishes, tomatoes, cucumber, and cabbage.

Diary product:

It includes all kinds of dairy products, food items made of milk. In the lunchbox, there should be yogurt or cheese slices. These are also an instant source of energy.

Important measures

Despite all these essential food items in the lunch box, some essential steps should be taken. Make sure that all the things in the lunchbox are fresh and present in the right quantity. The best quality lunchbox should be used, and it should be airtight so that no bacteria can enter it and infect the food inside it. Don’t put hot things or freshly cooked meals in the box. Thus, the meal should be prepared in the night and then refrigerated for next day use. A healthy diet is the right of every individual, so the right food with all the nutrients should be selected.

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