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Go Green Lunch Box vs Yumbox

Are you preoccupied with Go Green Lunch Box Vs Yunbox? If it’s a yes! Then this is the right place to come. Here, we’ll be providing you with the whole showdown that you need to know.

But before we proceed further, you should know that Yumbox is not a lunch bag but a lunch container, it doesn’t come with one either.

However, it can be put in a lunch bag or tote, while the go green lunch box can serve as a lunchbox and it also comes with a bag. It (Go Green) can be used separately and with the bag flawlessly.

The two boxes are in rectangular shapes with a petite shape of fascinating features. In fact, many customers purchase these for different reasons. But the common feature about these two boxes is that they are compact and lightweight.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to use a bag, or you need a lightweight lunchbox for yourself or someone else, then they are awesome. They have compartments for food and drinks.

Furthermore, with this lunchboxes, you sincerely don’t need to get a container or a flask. You can just utilize these boxes for the easy conveying of your food from one place to another, and the temperature of your food will be preserved.

However, despite these qualities, there are some related features that should be considered before purchasing them. The features are designs, compartments, leak-proof, washable, and costs, isn’t it? Of course, yes! That’s why this article comes with a new dimension in helping our readers to find the box that will convenient them the most.

8 Things to Consider about Go Green Lunch Box Vs Yumbox:

1. Designs

The design is the first thing that would interest any customer in the first place, but should the exterior be the criterion in judging product?

Of course no! The designs comprise several features such as the weight, color, and compartments. Now, let’s check out the designs of this two distinct boxes.

Go  Green Lunch BoxYumbox
1.      This has 5 food compartments, a space for 8 oz bottleThis has 4 food compartments with two sections for ½ cup of water.
2.      This lunch box is lighterThis is heavier
3.      The exterior is made of plasticThis box is made of plastic
4.      It can be found in several colors such as Aloha, Black Stallion, Blue Camo, Cherries Jubilee, Extreme, fast flame, Jolly Roger, seahorse, Tweedy, and Under Construction.This box can be bought in TuttieFrutti Blue, Pomm Green, and Red.
5.      The dimension of the box is 13 x 3 x 8.5 inchesThe dimension of this box is 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches
6.      It has a whiteboard that is not removable on the insideThere is a tray that is pure acrylic. The tray is removable
7.      It comes with reusable ice pack that you can fit inside.It no space for reusable ice pack and it doesn’t come with one either.
8.      This box is bulkyThis is so compact that it can be used by children as their Bento lunch bag
9.      This comes with packagesThis doesn’t come with any

2. Leak-proof

Definitely, no one like to use a box that fluid can easily ebb out of it. However, both boxes have leaf-proof features but in measures. The Yumbox has high-quality leaf-proof feature compare to the Go Green lunchbox.

In fact, if you pour in some water inside the Yumbox lunch container, and shake it rigorously, you’ll rarely see water seeping. Furthermore, you can use the box for hand wash, but if you’re doing this the tray has to be fully removed.

3. Enclosure

One thing you’ll always want to find out is how safe can your food be while using boxes like this, right? Yes, these boxes all provide you with the maximum assurance and the confidence you need. The Yumbox uses the silicone lid for the easy closure of the box, while the former uses “Turn ‘n lock” for its closure.

The boxes can be used by any person as it’s quite easy to use. The construction of the bag is awesome that it’s free of BPA, PVC and toxic products.

In fact, the Yumbox is made of 100% polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). The PEVA is chlorine free, and this makes it dependable to keep anyone in perfect use during usage.

The same goes for the Go Green lunch box, but what makes this to be safer is that it comes with bag. In other words, you can enjoy the Yumbox with the use of bag also.

4. Costs

If you’re searching for the bag that you can fit into your budget, then you can consider this point. A lot of customers have accepted that the Yumbox lunch container’s price is costly while some argued that it’s good for its price.

On the other hand, the Go Green is known to have got quality reviews on its price. This is because of the packages that come with it.

How can you condemn a box with an insulated bag, a reusable ice pack, and a metal bottle all packaged with the lunch container? Their prices are less than $45 but the Go Green is costlier than the Yumbox. However, the margin is not wide though.

5. Washable, Microwavable & Others

The fact that the plastic containers are now gaining grounds compared to tin container makes these products a top choice. Due to the fact that customers don’t face rust hassles. Like I said at the start that their designs look almost the same. Here is a tabular illustration of their uses and design.

Go Green Lunch BoxYumbox
Machine washableNoNo
How to washUsing damp cloth is the best with soap and waterUsing hands and damp cloth with soap and water.
100% PlasticYesYes
Interior ContainerSilicone ‘elastic’ BandSilicone Rubber Gasket
Wash: BrushYesYes
Rust vulnerabilityNoNo

6. Comfort Measures

In case you’re new to the difference between the silicone elastic band and the silicon rubber gasket; here are pieces of information that can help.

The silicone elastic band can return to its initial shape while the silicone rubber gasket doesn’t. Furthermore, the Go Green lunch box has a small opening.

So, if you’re putting the silicon elastic band, you’ll have to apply much force. But for the Yumbox, it’s quite easy to put the silicone rubber gasket in it if it’s not out of shape.

7. Insulation

The Go Green lunch box can keep your food temperature for a long period of time than the Yumbox. And to crown it all, the bag it comes with it is highly insulated to keep your food warm.

The only issue with the bag is the standard of the zipper. Trust me, you can always enjoy it for a long period of time. This makes the Go Green lunch box to be more acceptable than the Yumbox, as it gives more confidence to its users.

8. Long-Term Use

The interesting part of this is that none of the boxes is susceptible to rust. However, the toughness of the plastic differs, the Go Green lunch box have lesser tendencies to breaking than the Yumbox lunch container.

The strength of the Go Green lunch box to withstand external forces is awesome.

Final Verdict

The Go Green lunch Box Vs Yumbox confusion is now completely solved with this review. The review explicitly enumerated the features.

This articles qualms all doubts on which one is better, as customers can now use this article to lay out their decisions on which one is better.

The article shows that the Yumbox and the Go Green lunch box are unique in their ways; it only depends on the customers’ taste and budget. They’re all awesome to try out.

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