How to Keep Lunch Box Cold? Get the Full Gist

How to Keep Lunch Box Cold

Are you finding it difficult in preserving the coldness of your food in your lunchbox for a long time? If yes! Then you’ve come to the right place. If No! I believe you must be savvy. However, this article is solely for you. You can add the knowledge with the ones you’ve already got.

There’re regular bags and lunchboxes. If you’ve been using the regular bags in place of the lunchboxes for conveying food to the workplace then you better forget at the possibility of preserving your meal’s temperature for a long period of time.

So, what’s the difference between a lunchbox and a regular bag? The major difference is the insulation of the lunch bag. The insulation feature is what prevents the loss and gain of temperature.

Trust me, no regular bag has that. However, there are some additional features that accompany lunch bags but depending on the type of product that you’re purchasing.

Is it essential for a lunchbox to have more than one compartment? Not really. A lunch box can be of different designs.

However, a lunch bag is highly protected that some of the bags don’t allow fluid to seep out of the bag. In fact, their interior is made of steel for apt protection of the contents.

If you’ve bags for cold materials, and you’re discouraged on why you don’t just find them preserving cold substance for long. Here are the tips that will help you on how to convert your pains to gain.

8 Things to Consider about How to Keep Lunch Box Cold:

1. Lunch Bag

We discussed initially that it’s essential for you to get a lunch bag. The fact is that there are several lunch bags in the market.

So, how would you identify lunchboxes (lunch bag and lunchboxes are the same)? Here are the tips on how to get a quality lunch bag.

Make sure that you procure an insulated bag

Ensure that the lunch bag is covered with the liner that is free from chlorine such as polyvinyl chloride, BPA and so on.

The lunch bag must be made of steel; it should be foldable

If you’re delighted in using salad container, entrée or large containers. Make researches on which of the lunch bag is the best fit for your containers and bottle

There are some lunch bags that are not leaking

Some lunchboxes have many compartments

These are the general features of lunchboxes. Although few lunchboxes have some while others have all of these features. Yet, potential users should go for that which will be good for their perfect usage.

2. Ice Pack

If you’re purchasing an ice pack, make sure that it has freezable gel on the inside. This will help in keeping the cold temperature for a long period of time. Ice packs are not washable. But you can rinse them with water and soap.

They have the capability to keep your food cold and maintain the food temperature. You can purchase ice packs separately and some often come with lunch bags.

So it’s pretty easier for you to get the lunch bags that will save you the extra purchase of ice packs only if you research properly.

3. Get the Ice Pack Frozen

Now that you’ve gotten your lunchbox and an ice pack, here are the next few steps to take:

  • In order to get your ice pack frozen, clean it up
  • Fold the ice pack and put it in the refrigerator
  • Make sure that it’s inside the refrigerator for at least one hour
  • Remove it when it’s frozen; it will gain its shape.
  • Remove it from the refrigerator when you know that you’re ready to put the meal inside

4. Put Your Food inside the Refrigerator

Make sure that your food is kept separately in the refrigerator and not inside the bag. You can keep it open or close in the refrigerator. The importance of keeping the food cool is to help the edible fruit/food to attain a particular degree of coldness.

This will definitely help in prolonging its coldness with the help of the ice pack. In fact, this technic will help you to preserve food temperature in an enclosure that’s secure.

In other words, if you’ve been hoarding your food in ice packs, but you find out that it’s no longer preserving the temperature as it ought to. You can enhance your method by cooling the food before putting it inside the thermos.

 5. Thermos

It’s advisable that you use thermos containers for packing your food, I mean thermos containers that are made of stainless steel. This helps in preserving temperature longer than plastic containers.

The thermos containers don’t permit heat loss even during the summer. Another thing you’ll love is that irrespective of the position of the thermos container, you will rarely find the escape of gas.

In order words, it conserves every odor within that nothing flares off. Trust me, if you can use this container for packing your food, you’ll definitely have less issue.

6. Put Your Thermos in the Ice Pack

If you’re packing your food inside thermos container, make sure that you consistently keep the thermos inside your refrigerator also before packing food inside it.

It is better you introduce the container to the cold temperature first before putting your food. Now that the food, the container, and the ice pack are cool, you can now put them in the bag.

What you’ll notice is that the ice pack has gained shape, and the inside is not slippery but emitting vapor. Now, comfortably put the thermos container that you put your food inside the ice pack.

7. Package All into the Lunchbox

Of course, you don’t have to wait once all is almost done. But come to think of it, do you have to put the lunch bag inside refrigerator also?

Definitely no! It’s not necessary for you to do that. These are the steps to take in putting the ice pack inside your lunch bag:

  • Clean the lunch bag
  • Make sure that it’s free from moisture
  • Remove anything warm/hot in the insulated compartment
  • Make sure that the thermos container and the ice pack are well sealed
  • Put the ice pack in the lunch bag, in the insulated compartment

8. Seal the Lunch Box

What’s next? It’s to seal up the bag. Make sure that the lunch bag has a dependable zipper or Velcro for an apt enclosure.

Once all the spaces on the bag are locked up, then it’s safe. All you’ve to do is to prevent the frequent opening of the lunchbox, until when you’re ready to consume your food.

Final Verdict

Is it perpetually difficult about how to keep lunch box cold? Definitely no! This article has revealed the practical steps in proffering solutions to it.

The article breaks down the daily issues that people encounter with the quest in preserving the cold temperature of their food. The article explains one after the other.

It enjoins readers on what to seek in helping them in preserving their meal temperature. The article is highly recommendable for every person that wants to acquire knowledge.

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